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Video Discipleship Course

What is "Establish?"

1. It is a discipleship course (on video) that begins in Genesis 1:1. and lays a strong foundation for ones faith in the first chapters of Genesis as well as the entire Word of God.

2. Establish will do an excellent job in building a persons faith and understanding in the person and work of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

3. Establish is very useful in taking the gospel to the lost and then systematically leading them to spiritual maturity in Christ.

4. Establish 101 has 40 lessons that take you from Genesis 1:1 to the gospel of John. These lesson are carefully designed to lay a strong foundation in the Word of God, in the work of God, to the working of the Holy Spirit, through the transforming power of the Gospel, thus bring one to new life in Christ.

5. An emphasis is placed on the fact that salvation is by Grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Christ on the Cross. Biblical repentance is emphasized. The lessons also strongly make the point that all human efforts to attain salvation make a mockery of the person and work of Christ on the Cross.

6. Establish 102 begins again in Genesis 1:1 to the Gospel of John to show the security of the believer in Christ. This level also shows the work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

7. Establish 103. What is a Disciple? We will see Christ’s definition of a disciple as well as learn how to personally engage with Christ through His Word.

8. Establish 104. Acts. The Church and The Holy Spirit.

9. Establish 105. Romans. Our position in Christ. The key to daily victory.
105. Ephesians. Past and present grace.
105. 1Corinthians. Unity in Christ.
105. 1Timothy and Titus. Leadership in the church.
105. 1Thessalonians, Revelation. End times and the ultimate climax of Gods plan for His church’s and this world.

Forth Establish 101 videos plus 10 teaching videos are being posted to the Bethel Baptist Church web site. The remainder of the lessons, 102 to 105 will be posted when they are completed.

The books for 101 may be ordered from Bethel Print.

Most material is also available for free download.

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